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“Who am I…” I thought… “And how do I find the pieces of myself that I have lost along the way…?”

Actress/writer Anna Filameno gives us a unique experience as she explores her Italian roots through these brilliant vignettes…  And each page has a beautiful background graphic art illustration that helps tell the story of each vignette…

“I begin with the Storytellers and Dreamers…”

Anna takes us on a powerful journey of self-discovery…

“They are the ones that broke the chains of convention…”

By writing to famous Italian actors, writers, directors, politicians, teachers… beginning with Federico Fellini…

“Federico,  …Last night I had a dream….  I was standing in front of molten rock… the hot liquid poured in a steady stream… as it spilled it began taking other forms.  Slowly… it slipped away… in its place was an immense black hole with infinite expanse… and, yet I was not afraid…”

And including other famous figures such as Rudolph Valentino, Casanova, Diane di Prima, Francis Ford Coppola, Anna Magnani, Carlo Tresca, Aradia… the first Italian witch… and many others, her writing lives in a place between poetry and prose… she mixes stream of consciousness with biography… and always returns to her personal experience. The result is an uplifting and unforgettable reminder that we all have roots… and, in exploring them, find ourselves…

You will find a piece of yourself in each page, the drama, pathos, love, humor, excitement, and creativity of Italian Culture—-it’s all there!


READER’S COMMENTS: Alice Cotton Royer

“Being Italian is an amazing adventure in itself and Anna Filameno has brought us the experience and made it alive for us. It’s amazing how I felt my own roots as I read these pages. The graphic art is amazing!”
Alice Cotton Royer, Author, Educator, Artist